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6 Modules

Module 1: The 3 stages of self-love

Module 2: How to wire self love into the brain

Module 3: Body image and shame

Module 4: Being authentic

Module 5: Self-compassion

Module 6: Stepping up and out

31 Videos

Each video is 5-25 minutes long and together they approach the subject of self-love from a number of different angles, helping you to develop a real and authentic sense of self-love / self-esteem.

32 Audios

An audio (mp3) version of each video, plus a bonus meditation, allows you to listen to the content on your smartphone, tablet, or mp3 player  on the go or at your leisure.

Lifetime Access

When you sign up for the program you have lifetime access to all content on the site.


The course is designed to help you to learn self-love from the inside out.

16 self-love building exercises

The worksheets contain a variety of exercises that help you build a healthy level of self-love in a range of different ways.


The cost for the entire course - all videos, audios, worksheets - is $99 ( £77 approx).

As soon as you register, you'll have instant access to all the online content.

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I Heart Me School offers you an opportunity to build authentic self love through insights and several practical exercises.

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I Heart Me School teaches you practical tools for changing how you feel about yourself and for building a healthy sense of self-love / self-esteem.