Dr David R Hamilton - Online Courses

Using Science to Inspire


The Inner Improvement Programme

Make powerful changes to yourself and your life.

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Placebo School

Placebo School teaches you all about the mind-body connection and how to harness it for health and wellness. It conta...

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The Biology and Contagiousness of Kindness

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I Heart Me School

Learn how to improve your self-love / self-esteem and create self-belief, self-confidence, and a more posit...

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Here's What You'll Learn through Dr David Hamilton's online courses


Learn how to be self-confident

Mind & Body

Understand and harness the mind-body connection


Learn how to improve how you think about your own body


Learn strategies for feeling better about yourself


Learn different visualisation strategies for self-healing

Master yourself

Understand how your mind and emotions affect you and how to be in control