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8 video Lessons (1-4)

Lesson 1: How to deflect other peoples' negative emotion

Lesson 2: Three ways to turn your own mind around

Lesson 3: How to let go of the past and propel your life forwards

Lesson 4: Six steps to beat stress and build calm


8 video lessons (5-8)

Lesson 5: How to understand and engage the mind-body connection

Lesson 6: How to apply the mind-body connection to health and wellness

Lesson 7: Self love - the real secret to getting all you've ever wanted

Lesson 8: Three powerful tools for taking your life to the next level

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The course is designed to give you insights and practical tools that can help you to take more control of yourself and your life.


The course also contains worksheets to help you to put some strategies into practice. 


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