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5 Modules

Module 1: Placebo 101

Module 2: How Other People Affect Your Mind and How to Stop It

Module 3: Brain and Body

Module 4: Illness to Wellness - How to Harness the Mind-Body Connection

Module 5: Placebo 201

28 Videos

Each video is 5-10 minutes long and the content is designed to give you a broad and deep understanding of all aspects of the mind-body connection. The purpose is to build your belief in yourself and enhance your ability to harness the mind-body connection for health, healing, and wellness.

28 Audios

An audio (mp3) version of each video allows you to listen to the content on your smartphone, tablet, or mp3 player instead of watching the videos, or use the audios after the videos to refresh your memory of the content at your leisure.

Lifetime Access & Downloadable Content

When you sign up for the program you have lifetime access to all content on the site. All content is also downloadable so that you can download and view when you’re offline, at your leisure.

5 Live Webinars

There are 5 live webinars over 5 weeks, where you have a chance to ask questions and receive live answers and coaching. You can attend as many or as few as you like. All webinars will be recorded in case you miss any. The next live dates are Jan 15, 22, 29th, and Feb 5th and 12th, but the entire course content is available for you now.

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21 Worksheets

The worksheets contain questions to test your knowledge as you go along and also to stretch your mind. The worksheets also contain self-development exercises designed to help you put the content into practice in your own life.


The cost for the entire course - all videos, audios, worksheets, plus 5 live webinars - is £124 (or $165 approx).

As soon as you register, you'll have instant access to all the online content and will receive a later email with info on the live webinars.

Any questions? Just ping me an email at

If you're not completely satisfied, there's a 'no questions asked' 28-day money back guarantee.


Here's your chance to understand how the mind-body connection works - everything from the placebo effect to changing brain circuits to putting mind-body strategies in place.

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Here's your chance to understand how the mind-body connection - everything from the placebo effect to changing brain circuits to putting mind-body strategies in place.