Hi, I'm Dr David Hamilton.

I'm a bestselling author of 11 books, columnist, and speaker to both public and corporate audiences.

Each month, I deliver a live talk online to members of Personal Development Club, covering topics like the mind-body connection, self esteem, kindness, and other personal development-related topics..

These sessions include a Live Q & A and end with a visualisation or meditation. There's also a separate Live Q&A session mid month for any members who wish to attend.

The live sessions are recorded and are available on demand to members, giving you unlimited opportunity to work through at your own pace.

Live talk sessions are first Monday of the month at 7-8pm UK time.


Members have access to private members-only website that's organised into video and audio trainings covering the mind-body connection, self esteem, life & spiritual, and kindness.

Think of it like a Netflix, Prime Video, or other streaming service, where you can focus on the areas that most interest you. New content is added every few months, offering you exclusive access to material not available elsewhere.

There's also a private Facebook group for members.

Mind and Body

As a former R&D scientist, bestselling author of 11 books, including 'How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body', 'The Five Side Effects of Kindness', 'I Heart Me', and 'Why Woo-Woo Works', and featured expert in HEAL documentary, I'll teach you all about the mind-body connection and how to use it to benefit your health.

You'll learn how belief can heal, how emotions can have a physical impact on the body, how visualisation alters the brain, and even simple techniques to boost your immune system. You'll also learn insights and practical tools & strategies to enable you to harness the mind-body connection to help facilitate recoveries from injury and illness and to aid overall wellness. And you can ask questions about anything you're unsure of.

Self Esteem

Self Esteem is arguably at the core of all personal development. Without self esteem, we can lack the foundations upon which to build ourselves upon.

In Personal Development Club, you will gain valuable insights and learn powerful practical self esteem building techniques that help you create the solid footing you need for moving forward in your life.

Life and Spiritual

Learn insights, wisdom and strategies for understanding your life and making positive changes.

You will also learn different meditation techniques and how they impact the brain and body. The site also contains downloadable audios of all meditations.


What are we here for if we can't help others along the way? Kindness is central to healthy relationships and healthy communities.

You will learn how kindness affects your mental health and your physical health (e.g., heart, immune system), understand how you can best make an impact, and gain motivation to make kindness a key component of your life.

You'll also learn about the importance of self-kindness and practical ways for building it into your life.

Core trainings

Core trainings help build solid foundations for growth, establishing the pillars or foundations upon which we build. Each lesson contains worksheets of the individual exercises covered in the lesson. 

Each lesson can be watched on video or listened to on audio, and is accessible on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Monthly - £9.99  (approx. €12, $14, AUS18). Cancel at any time.

12-months - £102 (approx. €119, $140, AUS190). This is 15% discount from monthly price. 30 day money back guarantee if you wish to cancel.

Any questions? Just ping me an email at [email protected]
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Live sessions

Enjoy Live talks by me every month that offer evidence based tools, insights and strategies for helping you to feel better and take your life to the next level. The sessions cover a different personal development-related topic each week, often requested by members, and include a live Q&A at end followed by a group meditation or visualisation.

All Live sessions are recorded and are permanently stored on the site for access at any time. This gives you unlimited access to all past, present and future sessions, which you can work through at your own pace.

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This club is about building solid foundations for growth and giving you the insights, tools, and motivation to help you make changes to how you feel and to the quality and conditions of your life.


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Short video trainings

Given how much material we are bombarded with in our modern world, these short video trainings (5-10 minutes) help you dive into a subject quickly. The short lessons contain valuable insights, strategies, and exercises, covering a range of topics that help you to expand yourself in important ways.

Think of the members-only website like a Self-development version of Netflix, Amazon Prime, or other streaming service, where you can dip into any subject that you wish, and receive insights and trainings on it.

Each lesson can be watched on video or listened to on audio, and is accessible on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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Pay monthly £9.99 (approx. €12, $14, AUS$18) - cancel at any time.

Pay annual - £102 (approx. €113, $140, AUS$190) - 15% discount from monthly price. 30-day money back guarantee if you wish to cancel.

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