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Lesson 1

The Impact of Kindness on Happiness, Stress, and Mental Health

Learn how being kind can boost happiness, understand how being kind can improve mental health and even how kindness has a physical impact on the brain. Learn the science of how it works and how you can create these effects for yourself. Also learn some simple tools for increasing happiness.

Lesson 2

The Biology of Kindness - How being kind impacts the heart, immune system, and even reduces inflammation

Learn how kindness creates opposite internal effects from stress. Learn about the kindness hormone and how it impacts blood vessels to reduce blood pressure, and how it impacts the nervous system to reduce inflammation. Also understand all the important ways that kindness impacts the body.

Lesson 3

Kindness to Yourself - Strategies for self-care and self-compassion

Learn practical strategies for increasing the kindness and care you show for yourself. Also learn how to replace criticism of yourself with compassion for yourself through powerful, scientifically proven practical strategies. Also learn about the importance of connection and how to increase it in yourself in healthy ways.

Lesson 4

Kindness is Contagious - How and why kindness is contagious

Learn the science behind how and why kindness is contagious. Learn about the ripple effect, how far it travels from a single act of kindness, and understand how your own acts of kindness benefit many more people than the person that you originally help.

mp3 audios and written transcript

An audio (mp3) version of each video allows you to listen to the content on your smartphone, tablet, or mp3 player instead of watching the videos, or use the audios after the videos to refresh your memory of the content at your leisure. There's also a written transcript of each of the lessons.


The course also contains several worksheets designed to help you to put specific strategies into practice so that you can gain the most benefit possible from the course.


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